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Top ROTEUX Points Holders
Woodgie 16265
Matt 14289
philip 10280
retnea 5360
William 5358
TheNomad 4862
ToddB 4602
elvisarea51 3707
raabs 2843
Scott 2817


Bridge It!

Push off!

Block It!

Contain It!

Beat the lions

Bridge It! #2

Dangerous Driver

tunnel 2

tunnel 3

Steer the Spheres


Ground Environment: Hard

tunnel 2

tunnel 3

Steer the Spheres

July 12, 2005: Try the all new Steer the Spheres #2.  We fixed the bugs and made it easier to play.
July 12, 2005:  There's a bug in Steer the Spheres that makes it too hard - the ball on the left doesn't give a win.  We're fixing today and will give credit to current winners, and then re-launch the contest.
July 9, 2005: Try our hardest contest yet...Steer the Spheres. It's like mini-golf where you can change the course.
July 6, 2005: A new contest has just opened.  See how well you can Balance the scales without using any glue!


ROTEUX Contests
6d 13h 15m Balance #1

See how long you can keep the scale balanced. You get more points for using fewer parts.

8d 6h 15m Steer the Spheres #2

Put a yellow ball in the red goal (now easier to win).

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Welcome to Roteux! With your help, we have built a community of members with a passion for building, inventing and playing! Best of all, it's completely FREE! With Roteux, you can…


If you can imagine it, you can build it (see how it works) on Roteux! Build vehicles, characters, buildings or whatever you want with the Roteux pieces.

Play Roteux!

Play lots of cool games, all built by the Roteux community. Find a game to match your interest. Compete for high score and Roteux points.

Build Roteux!

Build your own games to earn even more Roteux points. You can build puzzles, driving games, construction games – use your imagination and show your work to your friends!

Try Roteux today. It's free!